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Welcome to the NCOIM

Our purpose is to serve future generations by helping them see the evidence of greatness in their heritage, and find inspiration in the continuation of our creative industrial tradition.

North Central Ohio : 
Crossroads of America

The North Central Ohio Industrial Museum stands on a hill within sight of two different Industrial Districts: one that made its impact on the world in times gone past; the other is making its history right now.

So this museum presents two different showcases: one is the historic past, with all the people and places and inventions that created the 19th and 20th centuries; the other is very much of the new era in which we live today, vital and impressive, and already integral to your life in ways that you may not yet imagine.

Industry and manufacturing thrives today in North Central Ohio because of the groundwork laid by former generations: when America was an agricultural empire, we made the harvesters; when the country moved by rail, we made the trolley parts; and when they took to the highways, we manufactured the tires.

Ours was a city connecting the world with electrical components, and connected to American homes through millions of name-brand appliances.  

But most importantly, it was a city that manufactured ideas—known for generating new concepts that impacted the nation: game-changing technology and innovations that revised America’s assumptions about the quality of life.

This vital creativity is the component linking our past to the future.


  • To be an important historical and educational resource regarding the importance of Manufacturing
  • To be a notable public attraction in North Central Ohio
  • To provide positive experiences, information and nostalgia
  • To be visible and valued
  • To have steadily increasing Visitors and be financially sound

The North Central Oho Industrial Museum preserves and interprets, the heritage of Manufacturing and Industry in this area, for the benefit of Present and Future Generations. At the same time, the Museum is supplementing its collections with significant Regional Artifacts, to enhance its interpretive programs. To fulfill this Mission, the Museum shall acquire and manage Collections of objects, artifacts, photos and print, related to the History of Manufacturing in this area.

Because decisions must be made in an ever-changing environment, it is important for the Museum to be clear about the Core Principles that guide it. The following are the central factors in the identity of the Museum, that make this Museum what it is and is not

  • Holding historic assets as a public trust
  • Focusing on Industry and Manufacturing in Five Counties surrounding Richland County
  • Preserving and interpreting objects, artifacts, photos and print, related to Manufacturing
  • Being open and accessible to the public and the world online thru Catalog-It
  • Maintaining a Volunteer component
  • Providing an affordable, educational and enjoyable Visitor experience
  • Maintaining interesting and educational information related to Past/Present Manufacturing

North Central Ohio Industrial Museum


Fall-Winter, Nov 26th – March 31st , Thurs-Sun, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We are closed on all major holidays, and may also be closed if other special events are taking place at the Reformatory.   Please check for details.


100 Reformatory Rd
Mansfield, OH 44905